HERO is a smart IoT device with Black Box and eCall capabilities. By installing Hero on a static or moving object, it provides tracking data and diagnostic parameters to manage industrial machinary and fleet of vehicles.


Ready to use with our cloud


Ready to send to your servers


Ready to use with our cloud platform or configurable with your own server.

You decide where the data is stored: all the power of our hardware is at the service of your software.

From dumb to smart

Make any device with a serial or can bus connection smart and connected.

Cars, industrial machinery, car washes and micromobility become smart. Limitless applications for the new IoT world

Hardware Power

Arm Cortex processor, 4G, 32 MB flash memory, 2 accelerometers, gps, and more included in the board. So much power in the size of a credit card so you can be connected without bulky dimensions.  Take a look at the datasheet below

ARM Cortex M0+


Bluetooth 5.1

Accelerometer: 0-400 G


Flash Memory

Power supply: +5v to +34v




Make Hero easy to use. We have developed an advanced module to interact with it. Thanks to an accessory connected by cable to the Hero main unit, equipped with innovative rotary knob, indication leds and button you can tell Hero what to do and receive feedback from him.

Small size

The HMI module is the size of a 50-cent coin and can be easily integrated into any existing system. Mount it wherever you want to make it easy to use.

Infinite combinations

It is equipped with a rotating knob, 5 status LEDs and a central button. This allows you to get infinite possibilities of interaction.

As YOU want

From a switch for gas-powered vehicles, to a control for industrial machinery, to an activator for micromobility. With the HMI module, Hero adapts to your needs.

Integrated RGB controller

Diameter size: 25mm



CarCaring is a cloud based platform created for the purpose of making all vehicle health information available to vehicle owners and service shops. We use the data from the Hero device to calculate the vehicle’s health status, alert you in case of anomalies, and suggest the next maintenance to be performed.

View your vehicle data anywhere and from any device

Smart dematerialization of your documents

The power of a centralized platform for all IoT trackers

Make interventions on your vehicle traceable and fraud-proof

Maintenance suggestions powered by Tec Alliance APIs

Find your vehicle inspection papers online ready to be analyzed

Our cloud

Data Tracking made easy

We are compatible with many other trackers besides Hero. If you have a device ready to send diagnostic data, you can start using our platform right away. If you want to develop the hardware, we can provide the software and the tools to analyze the data collected. Contact us to make your device cloud-ready.



Floid is a startup that designs and develops devices, platforms, and services for smart maintenance.
Our vision of smart maintenance of vehicles, machines and complex systems led us to imagine, design and build a proprietary high-tech ecosystem. We pursue ease of use, making a complex ecosystem of telemetry, cryptography and numbers simple. Very young and trained professionals work in Floid, supported by engineers who are specialized in the design of electronic boards and IoT systems. All this to give shape to the many ideas and visions of those who have been analyzing, measuring and certifying the safety of the vehicles on a daily basis for more than 20 years. As of today, we can automate the process of studying the behavior of various types of drivers and the relationship they have with services and the care of their vehicles in general.

Massimo Dall’Aglio

CEO and Founder

Lorenzo Giagnoni

3D Designer

Luca Marchiori

Full Stack Developer

Nicola Mischiatti

Data Scientist


+39 0425-539741


V.le delle Industrie, 17, 45100 Rovigo


Autopromotec 2022

Autopromotec 2022

Bologna - 28/05/22

We thank those who stopped by our booth in Hall 25 A99 even if it was just to say hi. It has been a fantastic experience that allowed us to grow and gain many, many ideas for the coming years.
We fully understood our potential, where we have come from and where we need to go. The road is long but it is a smoother journey if done together with you.